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Fitting a dump valve
To get more power out of a Renault 5 as with any Turbo engine, you don't start with air filters chips or cams. You just wind up the boost, but that leads to problems so you have to do it the correct way. GT Tuning offer a Pro-Cockpit adjustable boost control system that'll whack the boost up to around 16psi, at which point you'll be nudging 110bhp at the wheels. The ignition timing system can be a bit dodgy, so chances are you'll need an adjustable timing sensor (GT Tuning), plus a re-jetted 'Group A' carb to keep the motor nice and juicy. The Standard intercooler blows apart at 15psi of boost, so you'll either need to get it strapped or buy an alloy one instead. Pace, Prima Racing and GT Tuning all offer various alloy intercoolers that are pretty indistructable. Beyond this the standard Turbo runs out of puff, so you will have to get a more efficient hybrid turbo, which'll flow more air and run cooler, GT Tuning can supply you with a turbo from £397, while Prima Racing offer a whole range of Hybrids.

Other upgrades for more Power include: Performance Air Filters (K&N or a JR induction kit or a JR panel filter). Performance Exhausts(Scorpion, Magnex, Piper or Mongoose.

Dump Valves:
There are alot of people out there that seem to think that a Dump Valve will make your car go faster. All they do is release pressure in the inlet system when you release to throttle. Thus stopping the turbo from stalling and keep spinning, so that when you apply the trottle again to turbo picks up speed quicker. But for any Power gains this seems not to be the case.

Dropping the front is the easy bit on a five turbo. Try a set of jamex springs up front (£140). If you want to go lower, Terra can sell you a set of -40mm coils for an extra low ride. Or if you are seriously loaded, Bilstein, Avo or Spax can sort you out a coilover front end if you're looking to scrape the sump on the floor. It's the torsion bar at the back or the car which is the problem which means a strip down on the 5's single split spring. On the phase one cars chances are that this'll be caked in rust, so it's a job for the professionals unless your a mechanic youself. To have your car dropped by 30mm would normally cost you around £130 which would make your 5 look mean, but still gives you some suspension travel.

The brakes on a standard Five Turbo are pretty impressive as standard, with discs all round, even though the rears don't do much other than look real pretty. The standard sized 240mm discs work okay - altough performance discs work slightly better. For a real big performance gain, the trick is to fir bigger discs and spacers while keeping the standard calipers.

Body and Wheels

7x15's are the most popular size to fit to the renault 5, running around a 35mm offset and 195/50 x 15 tyres. 16's will go on with some work. You can fit 17's on but alot of work has to be done on the wheel arches to get these to fit and you'll have to run 205/40/17in tyres. There are also some fives out there that are running around on 18's but as the same alot work on the arches to get them to fit.
As for the body, the little renault has had many new plastic parts thrown at it over the years. If you want the serious wide arches then there is a Dimma Kit, Skeete avaliable for the Five and also there is the Jap styled kit avaliable from I dare to mention (BB Tuning) and GT Tuning offer some New style kits. If big arches aint your thing then theres plenty of other options out there for starters, there's a Renault 19 grill conversion avaliable from most RGM stockists normally around £45, Morette quad headlamp conversion normally around £250. Or the clear indicators normally around £30 matched by some clear side idicators £20. You can also have the rear tailgate smoothed for around £400 and what about a Subaru Impreza bonnet vent at the front of the car or a Celica GT4 bonnet vent. Headlight eyebrows can be bought relitively cheap for around £20 for the stick on ones or you can have the mounded into you existing bonnet which I have to say looks alot better than the slick on ones but this is obviously the expensive option at around £200. There are also loads of different splitters from and rear for the 5 stocked by many companies out there.


There's tons of stuff avaliable for the GT Turbo. You can go down the usual road of white dials, stainless steel sill plates or you can junk the standard seats and fit something seriously tasty, maybe from Cobra or Recaro. You can fit in a colour coded or Chrome Roll cage which I don't personally like cars with roll cages in I think it looks horrible. For people who want to view their Boost pressure as accurately as posible the choice modication is an incar boost gauge seperate from the standard dashboard unit in the middle of the tachometer and the same can be done for oil pressure, oil temperature and water temperature. To make the turbo last to maximum a Turbo Timer is a good investment which can leave your car running at tick over while you get out of the car and lock up and when the turbo has stopped spinning and cooled down it then switches off the engine and cuts the oil feed rather than doing it when the turbo's still spinning.
If you want serious class, Cobra can retrim your existing interior in leather for around £1100, which is a bit expensive but if you've got the money why not. You can fit a proper boost gauge to keep an eye on the all-expensive turbo. There also the gear knobs and Leather gatters and Seat Belt Pads but really it's upto individual taste really. Another popular modification is moving the heater controls positions to where the head unit fits and then placing head unit where the heater controls are mind you this is not the easiest of tasks. Also now days what with the advent of IN CAR TV's alot of people are hooking up Playstation 2's and DVD players in their 5 Turbo's.