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Servicing Tasks

Changing the Spark Plugs


1. Disconnect battery earth terminal.

2. Number the distributor leads and note their positions - remove the distributor leads taking care not to snap them.

3. With a suitable spark-plug spanner remove the spark plugs - screwing anti-clockwise to remove. Take care not to damage the knock/pinking sensor and also not to break the spark-plugs.

4. With spark plugs removed ensure that no foreign objects enter the holes, cover if necessary.

5. Always use NGK Triple Platinum plugs for the GTT. Adjust new spark plug gaps to 0.7mm using feeler guages to check gap and by gently tapping the head of the plug on the bench to achieve desired gap.

6. Insert new plugs using a 6" length of pipe until the thread starts, then screw in using the spark plug tool until hand tight.