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Servicing Tasks

Changing the Oil


1. Jack up the front of the car ensuring that the handbrake is on.

2. Place a large suitable container under the sump.

3. Using a suitable socketl, carefully unscrew the plug - catching the oil as it is released from the sump.

4. When all the oil has drained - remove the oil filter located on the front of the engine, remove the filter either by using a special tool or by carefully piercing the filter with a long screwdriver and then twisting anti-clockwise.

5. Refit the sump plug using a new copper washer - tighten up until firm and then a fraction more.

6. Smear some new oil onto the rubber seal of the new filter and carefully screw back in. Hand tight should be sufficient.

7. Let car down off jack and pour 4 litres of oil into the engine through the filler cap - do this gradually checking the oil guage in the car (ignition on if still working) and with the dip-stick, if the oil reaches the right level before 4 litres, stop pouring.

8. Re-check oil levels, top up if necessary.

9. When you are satisfied that the oil level is correct check under car and around filter for obvious leaks, if none are present start car and idle until engine reaches operating temperature. Check Oil pressure - Should be 0.7bar idle, however it sould not be lower then 0.5 bar. If leaks are present check tightness of sump plug and oil filter.

10. Switch off engine when it reaches operating temperature. Check for leaks once again.

11. Once you are satisified that there are no leaks and engine oil level is correct test drive car checking oil pressure regularly and intermittantly checking oil levels as usual.