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fuel..i think!
« on: 10:19, Wed 18 May 2011 »
Hi guys.... first time question here and hoping someone can help!
I always wanted a 5 gt turbo, but was one of those cars I couldnt afford at the time...and then moved into family cars etc etc. Anyway about 2 years ago I was offered a stock, unmolested E reg'd car. Very solid, very straight and had had a mature owner for its life. The car had not been on the road since 2000, and had just stopped being used, no issues or breakdowns! I got the car and put it way til time allowed me to start work on it. So up to date.... got the car out of storage and have been gently coaxing it back into life.
It will start, but runs very strangely. If you hold the throttle at say 2000 rpm, the car will drop....pick up....drop...pick up etc..almost as though you are blipping the throttle I think ts fuel, and obviously being stood for ages won't help. I've got all the old fuel out..and have had  the top of the carb off for a quick look and clean. The motor sounds so smoke. There are no other nasty noises either. So was just wondering if this rings any bells with anyone?
I'm guessing cleaning out the of the kits...would be an idea, but also hoped this didnt sound like some other fault.
Look forward to any help


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Re: fuel..i think!
« Reply #1 on: 10:25, Wed 18 May 2011 »
prob as you say from old fuel, remove the brass idle screw on side of carb and give it a clean through you may have to do this a few times