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Performance French Cars Magazine - Bumper Issue Coming Soon

The team is working hard on what is to be double branded issue.

-   French Car Show Special which will serve as a Ďprogramí of events/timetable for the show
-   Meguiarís detailing guide re-produced complete with inserted latest Meguiarís catalogue

Some features include;

Honda engined 106, Clio V6 profile, Carl Chambers and his awesome collection of Peugeots & Renaultsports, our own Gordini review, Project 205T16, R5 Turbo buyers guide (studio shot) plus the regular editorial on clubs, Motorsport, track day, technical features, visit to AT Speed Racing, DS3 Rolling Road with Flash Remapping , whatís happening in the world of Motorsport, loads of new products and news and of course the FCS Show guide to name but a few points.

We have loads planned in the coming weeks including a visit to the fast show @ Santa Pod, visitor to Modified nationals, Renaultsport TrackDay in Spa Belgium, visit to Dieppe

To subscribe for £20/year (thatís just over £2 an issue plus £1 P&P) or pick up in WHSmiths (over 461 stock the magazine). ... rench-Cars

The editorial department was caught out with a couple of false claims in the last issue so we are fit for those now and they are being weeded out and challenged.
For these the editor David Corfield submits his apologies.  

PFC magazine is there to support your club so if you want a club profile, please submit a write up (we can help) some good quality images that shows what the club is all about and we will do our best to publish.  We also run a club directory so ensure you have an entry within.


Neil & Jillian