Author Topic: My white 5 gtt  (Read 60108 times)


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Re: My white 5 gtt
« Reply #135 on: 23:26, Tue 26 July 2011 »
That looks wicked mate. Is that the yellow mini from cmmoc??


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Re: My white 5 gtt
« Reply #136 on: 21:27, Tue 02 August 2011 »
yes fella its simon's mini ;)

Braided lines, and full polyrace bush kit  

Excuse the manky oily subframe its just what is left from the gearbox overhaul.
Had to shave off a few mm off the wishbone bushes with a grinder to make them fit into the subframe without having to bring out the big hammer.

Wishbone bush was red but after burning out the old bushes it was hard to keep my hands clean

Antiroll bar end bush

Antiroll bar mounting bush

Then the brakes were next as they were pants on track and faded to nothing on the 3rd lap
So an order was placed...

Brembo discs 23 delivered from next day brakes :D
Carbone lorraine rc5+ pads from Ktec, which i will use for track days only and swap over to normal pads for any everyday stuff or driving to static car shows

Pads look so yummy

Baby size brake discs

So with the rear calipers already replaced a while back i felt the need for more shiney bits and since the front calipers are the only ones left on the car which were old, manky and had a slightly sticky piston on the passenger side....

2 new front calipers turned up aswell

Then tonight i have been swapping over the old red dot pads and unknown discs for my new shiney brakes

New stuff fitted

Old brake disc not looking very healthy at all

Now i'm just waiting on some brake hose securing clips from renault as mine will probably fall to bits as soon as i go near them lol and it would look wrong having new hoses and old manky clips.

Then its back to the rear axle in an attempt to raise it up a few mm or so but that will be next week's mission

After begging the boss for time off, i've booked a couple of taster sessions so i can shakedown the car with the new stuff on
30th August at bedford autodrome on the gt circuit
8th september will be the return to the great snetterton 300
If all goes well without any big problems then i'll start doing some full day track days


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Re: My white 5 gtt
« Reply #137 on: 18:30, Sat 13 August 2011 »
Time to update again

Its taken a while to get the braided lines on,
One front copper pipe twisted with the nut as i undid the old pipe so had to make a new copper pipe from the master cylinder to the braided line,
Then the rears where mega rusted solid lots of release spray and some patience soon showed them who was boss

So had that all done and bled up during the week
Took the car out for a test spin friday to see how the brakes where and i'm glad i brought these pads once there is some heat into them they stop like nothing else.
Gave the car a bath to get the dust off last night.

Took it to work fine
Coming home was a different story...

Yup it brokedown about 2 miles from my house lol had to get the bro and old man to bring me some tools as all i had was the worlds smallest screwdriver.
Got it started somehow by luck so didn't turn it off and hot footed it back home...
Let it idle and then i tapped the coil pack main relay and it stalled!
A spare relay got it up and running again then i took to fixing of poor alarm install in the same area and cleaned the earths up again while i was there.

So i'll be running the car a bit incase there is anything else coming out the wood work and going to order a new coil pack and fuel pump for safety as i dont have spares of these lol


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Re: My white 5 gtt
« Reply #138 on: 20:24, Sat 13 August 2011 »
car looks clean mate are those clio alloys on the 5 ?


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Re: My white 5 gtt
« Reply #139 on: 20:27, Sat 13 August 2011 »
Car does look nice mate. You can't have enough spares though!

Alloys are Clio/ R19 jobbies. There's a set on ebay now if you fancy some.