Author Topic: 5 gtt missfiring  (Read 772 times)


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5 gtt missfiring
« on: 22:30, Sun 27 February 2011 »
Hi there. Can anybody help me.. Over winter my car has parked in garage.. Its dry but prob bit damp.. Any how ,fired car up and took for a spin to petrol station.. Left petrol stating and opened her up. Things going good but started to miss fire. Drove home and was running likeshit..  I aint tried any thing yet , but was just wondering if dampness could be the issue here and will sort it self out or WHAT.. Car was running great before i parked it up for winter last Nov..
Can any 1 help??????

Ps meant to mention.. Been starting car up every few weeks and ran fuel realy low..
Could dirt from bottom of tank getting into carb be issue here???

Lol started this morning fine and sweet. Took for test run and going like a rocket...
Think dampness was the issue here....
Musn't grumble


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Re: 5 gtt missfiring
« Reply #1 on: 23:34, Sun 27 February 2011 »
R5's apparently eat plugs might be worth sticking a new set in and a new cap and rotor arm and seeing if it goes :)


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Re: 5 gtt missfiring
« Reply #2 on: 07:28, Tue 01 March 2011 »
thats what i would say. plugs cap and arm. maybe even leads.
i have replaced all mine twice in a year. :D  just to go over board  :lol:


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Re: 5 gtt missfiring
« Reply #3 on: 10:57, Tue 01 March 2011 »
Definatly worth replacing the dizzy cap, rotor arm, sparkies and leads if the car has been sat for sometime just to purley freshen up the system.

Glad you sorted, it prob the engine heat dried the bits out but still worth replacing the bits :D