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« on: 19:47, Fri 18 February 2011 »
Hello from Finland!

Proud owner of R5 Gt turbo. Its Phase 2 model and still original color red (719). Owned it since i was 18 years old. So 17 years i have been drived this car every year. Its soon approx. 240k km on clock and still runin well. Over 120k with 1 bar boosted.
Never have to opened Head Gasket yet etc.  :) But couple months ago when was bloody winterstorm my breather system got stuck and some majonese stucked breather pot and littlebit oil (maybe 0.5-1l.) came trough rocker cover gasket so its now time to open rocker cover and change gasket. :? Not leakin oil now. Need to wait couple months when gettin warmer. Now -20 celcius temp. outside and no garage.

Its 3rd Clutch put into place. Last autumn putted upgrated Clutch. :wink:
K-tec 2 1/2 Exhaust system
Little upgrated Carb 125main, enrichtener 110.
Boost somewhere 1 bar (quessin). Not tested 3rd thin line in redline in OE gauge.
Color of the car is faded so much that i have to respray it at some point in the future.
15" Alloys 195/45/15 summer tires, 13" winter 175/70/13 spike tires.
I got also some stuff waitin to put in. Double alloy Intercooler, 130main, 0.9 a/c, mix. screw, Exhaust downpipe 2 1/2, New front grill, Aftermarket turbo gauge, rear arch need to fix, some rust protection, Gauges need to fix, some electrical failures etc..
I'm very much hooked with this car. Little car pulls like truck and handlin is superior.
Hehe losin 10-15 age away allways when i sit on my car. :roll:  
Puttin some pics perhaps soon forums car area.
Best regards


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Re: Greetings!
« Reply #1 on: 20:19, Fri 18 February 2011 »
Welcome to the forum and greetings from the uk :-)


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Re: Greetings!
« Reply #2 on: 20:49, Sun 20 February 2011 »
17 years in a 5gtt, that's got to be one of the longest terms someone has driven "the same" 5gtt as a daily driver.

Sounds sweet, please post those pictures