Author Topic: "That time of the year again"  (Read 1084 times)

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"That time of the year again"
« on: 10:18, Sat 20 November 2010 »
took the raider for a M.O.T yesterday.. it failed mainly on the sills and floor pan being rotted to fuck, luckily i dident have to pay for the M.O.T cos the car was soo low and the down pipe stoped part of the equipment doing it job (or summing) so the fact i dident have to pay 50notes to find out my car was a bag of rusty shite was a bit of good news.. but still now im left with no car to get to work with (or any where else) is a bit of a kick in the crotch  :cry:

so any one with seriously nice shell / or even a working campus thats drivable up for sale then please could u let me no  :oops:
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