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billythewhizz story
« on: 20:27, Sun 14 November 2010 »
thought this would make you laugh... i've been with the rac for about ten year's never used them until we got our r5, then twice in two week's both as a result of the front shocks!  it had been lowered that much when you jacked it up you could move the springs!
first hit a pot hole battery moved and shorted on the brace! :shock:
then another rough bit of road cooling fan switch wires disconnected,so it overheated!
We got our local guy to fit the suspension and when we arrived to collect it the car was the same as when we took it in, guys head wasnt...gash to forhead and he said our car had bit him and his spring squasher tool wasnt man enough !!!! :evil:
so last week we got someone else to fit the standard gt turbo shocks and springs fitted, and tomorrow the back is going back up to where it should be.. The roads around here were designed for tractors not lowered gt turbo's!!!
when done will post pictures.