Author Topic: turboing a campus  (Read 3411 times)

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Re: turboing a campus
« Reply #15 on: 21:49, Tue 09 November 2010 »
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my boss used to drive the r5 for prima racing he reckons there the bollox and i should go see um and tell them he sent me and i will get a good deal on stuff but i carnt be arsed tbh

I personally wouldn'thank you go to them mate, they woukd charge the earth for something thats fairly simple to do yourself. From what i saw of a mates conversion would never do the power they claimed

hi mark wouldnt use any of those compainse they all have your pants down ive seen some off what they sell on there site. plus kevin said his car used to blow up alot and gearbox wouldnt hack it

From what i saw of my mates engine i see why it wouldn't last long, but a few good tweeks here and there and i recon it could be a good conversioon to do.  :wink:
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