Author Topic: 12-04-2015: Annual Season Opener Dutch Renault Tuning Club  (Read 8887 times)


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Hi guys,

I want to invite you all to the  annual season opener of the Dutch Renault Tuning Club! I know it's not around the corner, but it would be great to see you there and share our enthusiasm about our great little Turbo!

This event will be held at the Renault dealership Van Kesteren in Kampen, NL. After a good 10 days of promoting this we already have received confirmation of 19 GT Turbo owners in The Netherlands to attend this event. More 5's will join from Belgium and Germany. Will you add some of the British Fives to that? :D

More information can be found op our website: or our Facebook page (unfortunately for you, most information is in Dutch, but I will be happy to translate!).

The event on Facebook can be found here: CLICK!

If you have any questions or need any information, please don't hesitate to contact me! (Y)

I hope to see some (or all!) of you there. :D
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