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Howdy all
« on: 19:27, Mon 26 July 2010 »
Hi all im a manchester based fella and just bought my car i always wanted 20 years ago!!!
This is more of a toy and project than everyday vehicle but iv come into a few snags and was wondering anyone could give me a hand as im a newbie to mechanics but i am always up to try any anything as how will you get good at something if you dont give it a go?
here goes,its a 1990 midnight blue raider,and was stung that the petrol tank leaks and boost gage didnt work,but all being well,(fingers crossed) engline and turbo are sound,no blue or black smoke and it is totally standard,except dump valve,exhaust and grooved discs,if you want to look its still on ebay.great car>nice to meet you all


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Re: Howdy all
« Reply #1 on: 21:29, Mon 26 July 2010 »
Welcome to the site and enjoy the new motor.  8)