Author Topic: Newbie from Hertfordshire...  (Read 1606 times)


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Newbie from Hertfordshire...
« on: 20:24, Wed 21 July 2010 »
Hi all,
Glad to of joined this great forum!! :D
I currently own an E30 BMW 325i track car which i'm selling on ebay at the mo and then i hope to buy a nice GT TURBO with the sale of the BM...(fingers crossed!!)

Here are a few pic's of my BM i'm selling...

With the sale of my BM and a bit of extra cash i hope to have about 1,500...can i buy a pretty good GT TURBO with that budget??



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Re: Newbie from Hertfordshire...
« Reply #1 on: 16:34, Mon 26 July 2010 »
Welcome over mate  8)

That E30 looks the bussiness  :D  good luck with selling it, and hunting down a nice GTT.