Author Topic: Newbie fancying a GT Turbo  (Read 1779 times)

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Newbie fancying a GT Turbo
« on: 17:47, Mon 17 May 2010 »
Considering getting a GT turbo, but be honest what are the pitfalls?  I'm not the most mechanically minded in the world but will tackle smaller jobs.

I'd ideally like to get 200bhp (bit of a dream of mine), what mods would get me to this level and would it be reliable and usable daily?  The parts prices so far don't look too bad.  (considering i've just spent 900 on injectors for my blooming Mondeo!!!)

I remember going in an 11 turbo back in the day that had been modified, never been so scared in my life (in a good way)

So be brutal with me, will I enjoy the experience.



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Re: Newbie fancying a GT Turbo
« Reply #1 on: 18:17, Mon 17 May 2010 »
There cheap to repair and run i think. Good thing really as they always need repairing!

Seriously though, if something goes wrong then get it fixed ASAP and more importantly get it fixed properly, don't do what i do and just keep buying second hand parts and finding out they only last 10'000miles before they need changing again.