Author Topic: confused big time... wiring nightmare  (Read 724 times)


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confused big time... wiring nightmare
« on: 14:05, Tue 11 May 2010 »
hi guys. right the problem ive got is when i bought my 5 it wasnt running very well and i planned to make it a nice clean example with a few breathing mods... now the problem i have is ive stripped the car with the help of a friend whooo...... took afew wires off in the excitement of dismantling. Now its been in the paint shop for ages now and is soon hopefully coming out ive been staying late with the guy in the body shop doing a few bits to the 5.

But ive got a brand new loom from CGB (meant to be orignal?? cant remember) It is ran in the engine bay from where i remember it runs now the easy stuff such as oil lever etc that can only reach so far and can only be one thing are on. But ive got a bunch of wires that feed up to the alternator yellow and red/brown (colourblind) lol

Basicly im looking to see if anyone else has had one of these looms and has any diagrams of what goes where? i am the owner of a haynes manual which the diagrams are confusing and i can seem to locate out off all the engine bay ones which is the correct one for the gt turbo.

Its been over 9 months since it was all taken apart i spent a day looking at these wires just hoping to jog my memory. The other problem being my old loom was 20 years old and had been cut etc and bits replaced.

Any help would be great sorry for such a long winded post lol


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Re: confused big time... wiring nightmare
« Reply #1 on: 16:43, Tue 11 May 2010 »
tbh the loom is easy to fit, once the engine is in and you get some of the parts in place the loom goes around the engine and your notice where goes where. spread the loom out take a pic and some1 will show you where it all goes for you. best bet