Author Topic: My 28k mile tungsten grey phase 2 gt turbo  (Read 4749 times)


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My 28k mile tungsten grey phase 2 gt turbo
« on: 00:38, Mon 06 May 2013 »
Hi folks im new-ish to this site and recently bought a car ive been after for a few years now which the guy promised never to sell lol. Hes my pal and im always asking about it so maybe he just got sick of me? ha ha its a genuine 28k mile car with original tyres from the factory! He bought it from a guy he worked with offshore from hull and it had took a knock to the passenger door and resulted in the drivers side rear arch taking a knock also  such a shame but nothing major! My dad and brother are time served painters to a very high standard so the bodywork isnt a problem at all! ive sourced a door and just need to get the rear arch! i have a brand new sticker set for it as well! Bog standard bar the stainless exhaust system! engine is silent as you would expect with this mileage but as the car hasnt been used for a number of years im going to give it a really good service and make sure everything is A1 before its driven anywhere! hope you guys like it!


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Re: My 28k mile tungsten grey phase 2 gt turbo
« Reply #1 on: 18:49, Mon 10 June 2013 »
Will be very nice when repaired.

What are the original tyres - Michelin MXV 195/55/13?