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Hi everyone:)
« on: 12:46, Tue 16 March 2010 »
I've had my Phase2 R5 GTT for nearly a year now but still haven't managed to say hi. Anyway finnally got round to it so hello everyone!

I bought it from a family friend who has owned it from new, and plan to fully restore it doing all the welding and spraying myself. My last project was a MK2 golf GTi (striped it down myself, but paid someone to spray it) and my dad's got a MK1 golf GTi (owned from new!), so i guess I'm a bit of a VW fan at the moment (appologies to everyone, I promise not to mention them again).

Here's a pic of the golf, definitely aiming for the same sort of standard with the R5: ... 0_3252.jpg

Got the R5 for a new challenge and hopefully it will be more fun the the golf!

Will start a thread in the cars section showing my progress, but here's a couple of pics of what it looked like when i bought it. It hadn't moved for 5 years but the engine still runs and there's a fair amount of rust on the drivers sill, but should be repairable:

Where it had been for 5 years:

After a quick clean:


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Re: Hi everyone:)
« Reply #1 on: 21:54, Thu 18 March 2010 »
nice car, WILL be more fun than the golf (I owned both too at one time).

Only G60 gives the same amounth of fun, but then again, why bother with a 6k golf II  :lol:

You should buff that car so the deep red reappears!!

here's one from the gallery :


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Re: Hi everyone:)
« Reply #2 on: 22:06, Thu 18 March 2010 »
Red 5's are the best of course.  8)

Shame about the dreaded fade, my paints only 2-3 years old and still i have to keep on top of the protection. Look amazing when there shiny though.  8)