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droppy doorfix
« on: 18:21, Wed 17 February 2010 »
thought it would be a good idea to do a little report about this
as i am doing it at the moment . please note all techniques used
here are my personal way of doing this and i am by no means a mechanic etc .
the car used in pictures is my renault 9 gtx but as far as i am concerned
its the same in all 5/11/19 and clios (mk1) with torx pins in door hinges.

as far as i understand ,the doors start dropping once the slit bushes and torx pins inside the doors wear over time .
to replace them you have to take the doors out .
i am not going to go too deep into taking doors out .
you simply unscrew the torx pins and pull them out as well
as the check strap pin in the middle of the door .
after unplugging the door loom ,the door comes out .
hardest part is to get them torx pins to budge , on my car 2 of the torx pins were rounded off ,
in the end i had to cut the hinges from the middle
with a very fine cutting disc and weld them back on afterwards .

once the door is out , you are looking at this .
a slit bush at the top of the hinge ,there also is another one at the bottom of the same hinge .
luckily where they are tapped in from top and bottom there is a tiny gap before they meet
which allows you to use something similar to the bit in
the pic to tap them out with a hammer

and the bottom one

all 4 bushes removed from both hinges

and a little clean with some paper dipped in thinners reveal the
crap (best to get some grease in there before fitting new bushes )

i will be fitting my bushes at a later date after the car is sprayed .
but here is a picture of the trial fit (not tapped all the way in )