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Sponsership Ideas?
« on: 16:23, Mon 01 February 2010 »
HI, i posted this up on the e30zone, and thought here might also be a good idea,
any help or ideas would be much apreciated, Harry

Basically I race karts internationally and will be competing in the euro max championship this year; I am also now part of the MSA academy which started last year.

It has cost me many hours and parents money to get this far but its come to the point where i have reached a point where i could make something from the sport but funds are just not there.

Basically I wanted your ideas on how to raise some funds, all 5 events this year will be televised along with other press articles all over Europe.

Due to the nature of the sport sponsorship is very hard to find, unless your daddy happens to run a very successful company!

I drive a fast billboard but unfortunately it is blank.

Any ideas would be much appreciated