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My cars :)
« on: 00:57, Tue 07 December 2010 »
Currently We have a Golf mk2 in bits, A nissan skyline R33 gtst and a R5 Raiders project
oh and a T4 van lol
plenty to keep me occupied

The raider I'm going to get some better pics of when it's back in the garage, but our skyline I have loads of so I'll start with that :)

The skyline is running 420 bhp with 400 ft/lb of torque at 1.2 bar of boost

I have had loads of Fords from Fiesta xr2 turbo's to Sierra turbo techinics and xr4i with a 24v cosworth v6 installed, RS turbo's etc
An Evo VI
Quite a Few Golfs from mk2 gti 8v to a vr6 mk3
But the Raider is my first R5, plenty of mates have had them and I have done a small amount on them but its new teritory which is cool :)
Keep you posted on the raider as it gets sorted :)


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Re: My cars :)
« Reply #1 on: 09:22, Tue 07 December 2010 »
thats a nice skyline i have always been a fan of them. look forward to seeing the r5