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New GT turbo owner.
« on: 19:05, Wed 16 December 2009 »

Iīm the new and proud owner of a 1986 phase 1 Renault 5 GT turbo in the colour electric blue. The best colour for that car I reckon. It has a phase 2 engine though. I tried this exact car for the first time 6 years ago, and I absolutely loved it. So when I quite luckily got the opportunity to buy it, I didnīt hesitate one second :D
I donīt drive it too much right now because of the winter climate. I am driving home for christmas though :lol:

It hasnīt been modified too much, which I think is for the better! A few visible modifications, I reckon, are okay. But no "überdesign" for me. But for what engine, drivetrain, suspension etc. goes, I believe itīs all about making the car as good as possible!
Until summer Iīll just keep it as it is now.

Thanks for an excellent site!!

Ruivar, Denmark
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