Author Topic: heater not getting hot  (Read 4933 times)


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Re: heater not getting hot
« Reply #15 on: 20:34, Tue 05 January 2010 »
Only a louvered bonnet. Thats the only difference from last winter.
I'll get a standard one and pop it in.
I've never used it in this kind of weather before so i'd never had any trouble with it before. And I didn't even think of it keeping the oil too cool. I was relying on the OE pressure guage  :lol:


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Re: heater not getting hot
« Reply #16 on: 20:39, Tue 05 January 2010 »
Quote from: "markey mark (bd)"
Quote from: "Merijn"
With a tiny hole it will hardly do any flow, so I can't believe that might be the problem

You'll be surprised at how much water can be pushed through the hole people drill in the thermostat, in theory no water should flow past it till it reach's operating temp and then opens normally. In a way by drilling a hole in the thermostat your turning it into a low temp on as you are wanting to put water past it to keep water temps cool before the thermostat is meant to open.
Maybe worth trying one without a hole to see if it is that or not.

Good point...  :!:
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Re: heater not getting hot
« Reply #17 on: 22:59, Tue 05 January 2010 »
check resistor, they overheat a lot of the time
rover twin cam power \";)\"