Author Topic: What should i look for in R5 turbo's  (Read 553 times)


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What should i look for in R5 turbo's
« on: 09:35, Wed 25 November 2009 »
I've been browsing within pistonheads and looking for a smart. good engine and well looked after. i know most commen problems on everycar but wanted some extra advice.

Looking on piston heads they go from 1,200-3000 3000grand ones have them bodykits chav normaly have, no offence.

Looking at a good car... where do they rot? whats the power for a reliable engine, and what power should you see with some nice mods.

I'm bored of not being out in the RS as its winter and cold, want a little project.  :D


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Re: What should i look for in R5 turbo's
« Reply #1 on: 09:43, Wed 25 November 2009 »
They usually rot on the sills, under windscreen, and around the rear bumper mounts. They can also 'scab up' just inside the bootlid under the glass and corners of doors and around the battery tray area.

Good power for day to day use is about 180-200BHP if setup correctly but they are capable of more.