Author Topic: How to Turbo the Renault C3J block.  (Read 3801 times)


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How to Turbo the Renault C3J block.
« on: 14:45, Wed 02 September 2009 »
How to Turbo the Renault C3J block.

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The Renault C3J is a 1390cc block, this is purely down to the bore of the liners /pistons.  But the block itself is identical to the C1J after a couple of minor alterations.  The C3J engines can be found in the following Renault model's  5,9,11,19, Extra's, clio, twingo's in production from 1985 - 1996 so the tolerances will be a lot better than a high mileage abused C1J GTT block that has already been re-build several times.

This topic is purely to assist people whom are attempting a re-build and want to know what block can be used as an alternative to the C1J.

The following parts from the C3J can be re-used when converting to C1J (as they are identical to C1J items):

    Con-rods & caps,

In order to utilise this block for conversion you will need the following parts / items from a C1J:

    Piston Rings,
    Oil Pump
    Cam (although you can use the C3J cam as it is almost identical to the C1J item),
    Cam tensioner,

The minor alterations required to the block are as follows:

    1) Where the timing chain tensioner would sit on the C1J there is an oil way behind it, on the C3J this is blocked and drilling it out is required this will then allow the oil system to work as it would on a C1J,
    2) This next alteration may not be needed to be done this all depends if you run an external or standard oil cooler system if you are using an external oil cooler system you can ignore this alteration.  For people using the standard oil cooler system the bolt that the original C3J oil filter screws onto must come out in order to fit the standard oil cooler system sandwich plate. This may be awkward to remove but possible with some force.

Modification 1 Pic

Remeber after this alterations to clean the block thoroughly to get rid of any swarf.

I must stress do not use the C3J oil pump in the conversion or in any C1J engine even though some tuners have sold these in the past as up-rated versions they are not and do not create enough pressure to lubricate the GTT system.

Any info you need please ask.

NOTE : I cannot be held responsible nor can any part of this website for any damage caused, this is a reference based on my own experiance.