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Hi from north east scotland
« on: 18:10, Tue 21 July 2009 »
Hi everyone on the site. Im Graeme, Live in small place called buckie along the north east of scotland.
Currently working offshore in the north sea, Im age 28. Joined this site as a lover and owner of a 5 turbo raider which is my restoration project over the next year.
Currently driving a vxr8 which is the bollocks. Have owned evo's, scoobys, and various other turbo'd cars as well as a past 5 turbo many years ago.
Il hopefully be seeking the guides and tips from nay of you on here to keep me right, the money is no object but I intend on putting the car back to standard and then use it for shows etc.
Hopefully meet and speak to a few of you on here .