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what to look for
« on: 22:56, Tue 05 May 2009 »
Right basically i was wondering what everyone thinks is the most important things to look for when loking at a 5.

I understand they are old motors now but i always get carried away looking for small and probably un-important imperfections. So where should i start?

I am guessing that people do not class rust on the bonnet, boot, doors etc to important as these are easily replaced panels. As long as the underneath is solid I suppose that is ok. Engine wise as long as it runs with MOT and tax that is a good start, any uprated parts a bonus?!

As you can see i just want re-assuring and some key pointers. Lastly what is a reasonable price to be looking at for a good condition 5 turbo, without any / many mods and with a 150bhp or upwards engine ?


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Smoke of any kind. :D

Sills can fall apart, but it's hidden behind the kit. Also the rear bumper mounts in the arch and under the windscreen are the worst areas for rot.


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