Author Topic: So my R5 caught on fire...  (Read 5307 times)


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« Reply #30 on: 11:56, Tue 31 March 2009 »
so were along the line does that resistor fit? wasnt connected!

and the one with the small aroow it looks like the r5 fuel filter conneted to the water pipes.dosnt say fuel filter but has a plug on the bottom of it maybe a water temp?? not sure!
hard to explain lol

i broke my camrea so ill have to wait till my brothers over next to take pics on his phone


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« Reply #31 on: 17:33, Tue 31 March 2009 »
I know which part you mean.

It's not the fuel filter thats for sure, it's not a water temp sender either. The pipe coming from it should lead into the boost pipe between the carb top and intercooler.

It's some sort of solenoid for the anti-perc fan, i don't know much about why or what it does because i removed all that.