Author Topic: Moan bitch gripe. Ballache of fitting new exhaust  (Read 1300 times)


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Moan bitch gripe. Ballache of fitting new exhaust
« on: 20:31, Mon 26 January 2009 »
How in chuffing hell does anyone fit an exhaust!!?!? What a complete utter b****rd.

Rant over

Although id be interested to know if there is a nack to it that im un aware of, like an order of what bits to fit first etc... because that took 3hours so far and ive still not got all the bits on etc!  

Just pissed me off so i thought Id complain to you guys! Haha  :lol:


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(No subject)
« Reply #1 on: 16:55, Tue 27 January 2009 »
Start from the front and work your way back.

What part are you struggling with? The olive joint connecting the straight to the downpipe can be a pain because sometimes the circle part inside can shift about, i just blobbed a load of exhaust putty on both sides just to keep it sitting in one spot until i had nipped it up.

Other then that it's quite simple, new rubber hanger right at the very end can be a pain to fit if it's tight. I had no trouble fitting it to a Scorpion backbox but on a standard backbox i remember removing the back bumper just so i could get clearance to get some pliers on the rubber and stretch it round.


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(No subject)
« Reply #2 on: 19:33, Tue 27 January 2009 »
like ash-lee said.

Start from turbo back, and that down pipe join can be abit tricky to get it to seal, make sure you clean both parts up then use some paste and do up bolts either side evenly.

Then get the rest of it on place making sure your clear of it hitting anything and its sitting out the rear bumper nicely and do it all up
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