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top cars
« on: 21:19, Sat 17 January 2009 »
hi i think this site should have a section for the nicest of the members cars. for example a top ten of the nicest or cleanest of most orginal r5s . this could also help members at later reference sell their cars. when the new members log on to find out about the r5 gts they can see some of the nicest examples  around with some history and get a good buy. this might also get the competition going for members to get up there in the top ten. might encourage members to spend a little money and effort to spruce up there r5 lol instead off letting them die and rot into the ground. this would keep the r5 alive and they will be around for generations to come. there could also be a fastest section to set records eg fastest quarter mile. so members can get up their get the competition going and liven the atmosphere lol. what do u all think?[/b]