Author Topic: A bad month for my 5.  (Read 1362 times)


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A bad month for my 5.
« on: 19:04, Thu 15 January 2009 »
January stinks, and were only halfway through it and so far my car has let me down more times then it did for the whole of last year!! So far my list is as follows.

1. Cracked liner. (fixed)
2. Split oil return pipe. (fixed)
3. Turbo failing, smoking on warm up.
4. Battery knackered.
5. All wiring around the alternator is a shambles. (fixed)
6. Overfuelling at idle

All thats left to do is get a new battery, i've abandoned it on the drive for now. Then i have to tackle the overfuelling and the turbo. Unless the extra smoke was fuel but it didn't smell like it i'm just wishful thinking.

Oh the joys. A bog standard family car is looking more and more comfortable, cheaper and reliable.

I need some enthusiasm, i'm struggling to find any at the moment.


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(No subject)
« Reply #1 on: 19:14, Thu 15 January 2009 »
shiyat mate thats bad , join the club , i popped my head gasket , why do we torture our selves day in day out i ask myself , lol all the best with he fixing hope your back on track asap