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Re: back in blue!
« Reply #45 on: 11:57, Sat 08 October 2011 »
overheated lol i wish lmao, blew the head gasket mate had to rebuild the engine!. all is good tho, iv had the head skimmed and put stem seals in it as it didnt have any, and not the pants renault ones that fail all the time.
 Also rewired the engine bay and done a bit more tucking so wiriing is mint now and a lot more hidden away plus made new earth straps etc as old ones looked naff.
Iv had all brackets, plates, water res tank, strut brace, hose clips, and anything else i could have polished lol has been done. The bay has been degreased and had a bit of a polish so looking fresher, hoping to drop the lump out over winter and get the bay resprayed as its a bit worn n chipped in places.
other bits to mention are re-route of water pipes as carb is no longer water cooled,removed the thermostat to increase flow (gonna trial this), also going to put alloy rad in but getting custom made fan bracket to hold two 10"electric fans, as tubs likes to get hot when the vnt has woken up lol.
well will keep u posted hopefully gonna turn him over today and see how it runs?? :)