Author Topic: More Pipe Help!(pics included)  (Read 963 times)

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More Pipe Help!(pics included)
« on: 18:08, Sat 06 December 2008 »
Haha sorry guys i must be a pain in thee arse  :lol:

Ive got round to piping my 5gtt engine to my clio.

Im quite stuck with my carb pipes at the moment

What pipe goes here and where does it go to?(driversside)

Also this one is on the passenger side idea what it goes to -

And Last of all -

Also i kno the two bits at the back are for the fuel lines..what one is which..i have my fuel lines as green and red.

Another question is ..what is this sensor -

Also the oil ventilation hoses..could somebody please explain where each one goes.

Please do not slate me lol ..ive basically been given a box of pipes to work from so any help would be appreciated

Thanks  :)


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(No subject)
« Reply #1 on: 19:18, Sat 06 December 2008 »
Pic 1 =
Top connector is Fuel Inlet
Bottom connector is Fuel Return

Pic 2 = Im not sure, sumart to do with petrol vapour. not sure

Pic 3 = Pipe which goes from your carb inlet elbow to the gold connector.

Pic 4 = Oil sensor.

Ive just finished a clio conversion atm and just done my top end rebuilt with uprated parts. I found a haynes manual to be quite useful for the rest of the hoses.


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(No subject)
« Reply #2 on: 00:00, Mon 08 December 2008 »
Picture 1 - Top pipe is fuel in, bottom pipe is connected to a vacumn hose from the carb elbow, the standard boost guage is also plumbed into this.

Picture 2 - This needs to have a pipe fitted and left open, it needs to be as far away from the exhaust as possible. It is somekind of safeguard if one of the gaskets in the carb fail and it will pour petrol out everywhere. Someone else might be able to explain better exactly why its there.

Picture 3 - Not sure which one you mean, the large brass pipe is a vacumn pipe connected to the actuator on the turbo, the small one with the 90 degree bend is the vacumn pipe for the ECU (dump valves and aftermarket boost guages are also 'T'ed into this). Two large connections on the manifold, ones for the brake master cylinder, the other for the oil breathers. Sensor on the base of the carb is the anti perc fan sensor.

Picture 4 - Turbo oil feed, sensor is the oil pressure sender.