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cheers mate
« on: 21:42, Sun 14 September 2008 »
big thanks to smithsgtt as i have no clue on NOTHIN..he came and sorted it out. now i know what needs done and what doesnt.

bodywork before replacing pointless parts


cheers for doin my cup mod
cheers for changin my hoses
cheers for changin the water swirl pot
cheers for trekkin allllllll the way up the road to watch the native nutcases shout and scream at each other

cheers man




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(No subject)
« Reply #1 on: 22:14, Sun 14 September 2008 »
not a problem mate any time just remember your down this way next lol any dailty probs just give me or joanne a shout if i dont answer then fone the house joanne might answer if she's not been sent out to buy parts lol

take it easy and speak tomorrow probs

fae the folk fae the sooth saying nae bother pal