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Hello from Huddersfield!
« on: 20:05, Thu 11 September 2008 »

I've never really dealt with R5's before so i suppose im here to learn!

Im not sure if its any of the guys from here but i frequently see a few R5Turbos drag racing at york (21st of this month guys!) and its great to see them hold there own with some of the newer front wheel drive cars.

Im an engineer by trade for a company called Cummins Turbo Technologies (AKA Holset). Ive got a decent knowlege of cars and mechanics but am still learning with turbo petrols!

Im here really because im currently building a bit of a buggy with an aircooled beetle engine. ive got a standard R5 turbo and im hoping to use most bits off an R5 (fuel pump, carb, pressure regulator, and possibly some of the ignition) to make it all work. not after big power (120-150 BHP) just a strong motor with a bit of poke.

Hope im welcome (lol!)



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« Reply #1 on: 10:36, Thu 18 September 2008 »
Hello Tommo and welcome to the forum mate. Good luck with your project.