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My tungsten gt
« on: 23:26, Thu 07 August 2008 »
well story starts guys...... bought this a few weeks back its an h reg with 54k on the clock, lowered, full scorpion exhaust, bigger brakes, engine bling, new turbo, loads of history, still taxed n mot'd for 800 guy didnt have clue about cars there was a fuel pump relay problem so my pal by passed it with a switch which i thought wasnt a good idea but anyways car lay up for 5 months or so n i took it out silly me givin it bit of stick then BANG piston ring gone 5 mins after getting it goin, so up to my pals garage and on phone to cgb motorsport, new pistons, liners, rings, big ends, uprated head gasket, headbolts, top and bottom end gasket sets, new fog lights, fuel pump relay, grill badge, so got it all fitted to find that turbo seal had gone too bit of piston ring was never found that was missin when stripped down so thinkin it may have went right through done in seal?? a dunno, so... ordered a turbo also gt it fitted n got it up and running, had to get tappits set, new plugs, n few wee other daft bits, so should hopefully have it out to play tomo hopig nothin else crops up, ill get pics asap soon as its all cleaned


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(No subject)
« Reply #1 on: 08:53, Fri 08 August 2008 »
Hopefully on the road soon then!

Sounds good!


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(No subject)
« Reply #2 on: 17:04, Fri 08 August 2008 »
maybe the guy knew more than he let on and sold it cheap cos he thought it might give up?
sounds like a crackin bargain either way, and its good to hear you rebuilt it rather than sell it on  :)
be good to see the pics when its had a freshen up.