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Driving techniques.
« on: 22:08, Sun 06 July 2008 »
I just seem to tootle around in my R5, i enjoy the corners and 'in-gear' acceleration but thats about it.

I don't really know how to launch the car to be honest, i either go a bit mental and just wheelspin everywhere or it bogs down and feels a bit flat until the turbo spins up. Any tips on how to get off the line like a scalded cat? I wouldn't mind flying down the pod but knowing me i would probably be the daft bugger that stalls!

Also when do you change gear? I seem to always change at 5'500RPM but now i have the T25 all setup on my car it feels like it wants to carry on and on.


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« Reply #1 on: 22:22, Sun 06 July 2008 »
the best way is by trying things yourself we all could give u advice but the best it your own judgement .

hold the car just on the bite point of the clutch hold the revs just near the boost start , rev range could vary look at the speedo when you get to about 5500rpms then look at it as the revs go up if its the same speed then you know that you've got to change abit earlier then say 6,000 for example its all about the abilities of you and the car so give it a try and then try different ways on doing the samething differen revs different throttle to start something like that