Author Topic: Removing the engine with gearbox still in.  (Read 2348 times)

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Removing the engine with gearbox still in.
« on: 23:27, Wed 30 April 2008 »
Remove the + off the battery, all earths & plugs attached to the engine, one on the front of the block & one on the rear, undo exhaust downpipe, remove the turbo if you like, remove bottom pulley, i left the alternator on, undo the engine stabilizer bar that runs across the bottom of the engine to gearbox.Undo the flywheel cover & front stabilizer, if you have any other stabilizer bars attached to the rear of the engine/starter motor, remove these, remove the starter motor, undo the oil drain from the sump, prob best to remove the oil as well.
Start to loosen then bolts on the top, if you can, remove the two studs that stay in place, one at the front & one on the rear under the starter.
Stick a jack under the lump or attach a hoist now to take the weight, remove the engine mount attached to the front of the engine, i took it off via the block.
Wiggle the engine till it drops away toward the drivers side, it should just fit, it may be a little bit of a squeeze but it will come out that way.
Me & a mate took it out by hand but i had no turbo or head on mine when i did it, you also may need to remove the strut brace if you have one fitted.
It goes back in the same way but with more swearing no doubt if you have left the studs in place ;)
It may take a few wiggles to get back onto the splines in the box, or turn the flywheel or driveshaft a little to help align.