Author Topic: Lowering A R5, By Karlos from the RTOC  (Read 5830 times)


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Lowering A R5, By Karlos from the RTOC
« on: 11:45, Wed 12 January 2005 »
Here's the run down for the alteration of the rear torsion bars, which is cheap and looks the dogs....

1. Jack the car up, rest chassis on axle stands and spray torsion bar ends with some PlusGas dismantling lubricant or WD40.

2. Remove wheels and the shock absorber lower mounting bolts.

3. Lever caps off the torsion bars and spray ends with more PlusGas or WD40.

4. Measure distance between the top and hub shoulder and the wheel arch lip.

5. You'll need to make a spacer (old piece of exhaust) a spare nut bolt and washer (10 mm high tensile).

6. Fit the spacer over the axle tube with the bolt/nut/washer on top. Tighten the nut against the washer.

7. Wind the nut to force the bolt away and draw each torsion bar out. If its a bit sticky give it a bang.

8. Once the bar starts to move get rid of the spacer.

9. With the measurement you took subtract the amount you want to lower ie 30mm. Jack the suspension arms up to get the desired height.

10. When you've got the right height, refit the bars. (I (Ian S) had the bars right out so the inner end was out too. Then I just turned each bar by one outer spline at a time and tried it, if no, turned it another spline and tried, eventually it went in, about 8 or so outer splines for the drop I did. Take care to get both sides the same.) Start by tapping in by hand.

11. Knock the bar in flush with an extension bar, dont mess the end up!

12. Refit caps and dampers.

13. Take beer from fridge and gulp down very fast (may result in a misfire!)

14. Drink more beer and stagger to bed.

15. In the morning going to work chuck it round every bend (making sure the back end is lowered enough. ie don't flip the car round)

Written by Karlos from the Renault Turbo Owners Club
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