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Dent removal by Giovanni
« on: 09:26, Tue 01 February 2005 »

All text is in Dutch so here's a little translation:

1.Degrease the panel with an aceton-cleaner
2.Bring on special glue on the selected stud
3.panel slightly warm up en press the stud in the center of the dent (center can be marked by useing a special biro.
4.With compressed air cool down the stud to let the glue become hard (or use the "coldspray" from Würth art. 0890100 0)
5. Clamb the "minilifter" on the stud and slightly pull (on feeling) on the handle untill the glue breaks.
6.Spray on the special glue remover Art. 0893141.
7.With a nylon chisel lift of the stud.
8.Clean up the dent area with the special acetoncleaner art. 0893460.
9.This technique demands some  experience by "feeling".
Beginner's errors are pulling to hard in one time so the dent pops out.
Dont worry the kits comes with the usual Dent Master items to tap the dent back in.

I use this lifter verry much and i can tell you that it's a piece of technology.
I din't have to use the chisels for now  :D
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