Author Topic: Rather large wheels  (Read 1029 times)


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Rather large wheels
« on: 18:46, Thu 04 October 2007 »
Hey people, I have 17's for my reno. its currently on standard wheels and suspension. Any advice on getting them fitted or anything. Also, might swap for 15's if any wants.

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(No subject)
« Reply #1 on: 18:54, Thu 04 October 2007 »
You need to shave the rear bumper & maybe trim away a bit of the bumper mount  to get 17's on at the back, the fronts will rub on full lock on the inner arches so if Mr.MOT didn't get any the night before he could fail it at MOT time, thats if they are the correct offset as if they aren't they just won't fit on without rubbing.
My wife has 17's on her GTT & i had them on my old one.