Author Topic: Need some R5 Bits, cant source them,  (Read 1266 times)


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Need some R5 Bits, cant source them,
« on: 20:45, Thu 27 September 2007 »

Im Looking for some R5 turbo parts,

Arches, front and rear, side skirts, Rear bumper, rear spoiler, alloys, and could do with some new seats.

Also i REALLY need the "GT Turbo" Decal that runs down the side of the car.

I took on a restore project a while ago, but im having trouble getting it back on the road as 100% standard as i left the factory.

If anyone can direct me to where i can get the parts i would be most greatful.


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« Reply #1 on: 09:49, Fri 28 September 2007 »
Most of the body parts are available on ebay or forums like ours, if your looking for used parts... CGB motorsport can supply both used parts and (to some extent) OEM parts...

However, you will find that the decals are the most difficult and most expensive to get your hands on... I resprayed by car recently and it has taken me ages to come up with a solution, and still haven't decided what to do... if you buy them at renault's they cost 175 euros for ONE side of the car....