Author Topic: Body Panels diffrence between r5 GT turbo and "Normal" R5  (Read 2045 times)


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Hello all,

I'm restoringmy R5 gt turbo, and the shell has rotten to some degree in some areas, i have some normal r5 shells in my area available and very cheap, so i'm thinking about buying a normal r5 3doors and install all the gt turbo parts, but i'm concearned the shell has diffrent parts, here's what i know that changes:

Front LH and RH fenders (they have the holes for the GTT kit)
Sills (thei have the pins to hold the GTT kit)
LH and RH rear wheel arches (they have the holes to the GTT kit, and they are "cut" in a diffrent way from the normal 5's GTR, GTX campus etc)
The perculator fixing point, that is whelded under the RH fender on UK drivers side (on normal 5's theres just a big hole on this side similar to LH side)

Any other body panels that change between a normal 5 and a GTT ??
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