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Extra Extra read all about it :)
« on: 20:23, Fri 09 December 2016 »
Hi and welcome to my thread, hopefully it is allowed as it is a 5 but not a GTT.
I have just bought this van from a lying git just up the road from me, needless to say not the best purchase I have ever made.
I need a van for a house move and I never do modern :) This came up local so I went to have a nose, it was sat in a muddy yard so a good look wasn't on the cards but it didn't look bad from the outside except for the sills,  and the engine bay is clean so I took him at his word, "I have had it up on the fork lift and it is really solid under neath just a bit of flaky underseal".
Drove it home and the first thing I noticed was that the steering wheel wasn't really attached to the wheels! that wasn't mentioned..
Ah well better get on with it, lifted the ply floor up as I had spotted a bit of grot by the arches. Started to cut it out then had to drop the spare wheel so jacked it up and got my first look underneath. Oh crap! Drivers floor pan is hanging out. Looks like it was welded with a large panel from inside so the original floor has rotted off and left the chassis leg in space!
After some swearing I thought ****it there aint many left so I may as well save it :)
Took it for MOT yesterday and got a good list of stuff to do.
On with it then...
Grot by the arches is first to go.

That's the worst of it out and I now have an idea of how it was made.

A few hours later and the passenger side is in, just need to make a bracket for the bump stop rubber which will be bolted in rather than welded to reduce water/grot trapping.

Drivers side tomorrow.

I also cut a section of sill out today and popped into a friendly fabbing shop down the road. Couple of hours later I popped back and got a pair of sills :) Not quite the correct profile but as new ones seem to be made of unobtainium they will do and they only cost me 30 quid :)


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Re: Extra Extra read all about it :)
« Reply #1 on: 22:29, Mon 12 December 2016 »
Next along is the sill area which was worse than I thought :)
Chopped off sill then discovered floor edges needed sorting as well as inner sill and mid strengtheners. Nice to learn another cars construction :)

Interesting to not that the section of B pillar that is visible where I cut the side panel away is supposed to be spot welded to the Panel it joins as there are spot weld marks but they must have been very weak as they are no longer attached, sorted now though.

Rear section of floor, inner sill and mid section is done and I have chopped front end pf and made the repair panels but pics are short sorry. Will try and be better next time :)