Author Topic: Fitting a Universal intercooler  (Read 2540 times)

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Fitting a Universal intercooler
« on: 10:46, Sat 02 June 2007 »
I fitted a universal intercooler to my car,here's how i did it.

Tools/parts needed:
Angle grinder with cutting disc & grinding disc
Primer or paint
A couple of bolts to hold the cooler in place
Hands  :D

1st i took the bumper off,there are 4 bolts holding it in place usually,1 on each side on the inner wing,accessable by turning the steering wheel to full lock.The other 2 are usually bolted to the subframe.
Then i offered up the intercooler to see where it fitted & marked this with a scribe/pen.
At this point make sure 100% that it's marked in the correct place,with my bumper i could hold the intercooler & place the bumper on most of the way so's to get an idea of how much i needed to cut away & where.
Now it's time to use the grinder with the cutting disc,in the 1st piccy i have already cut it out but replaced it to show what it looked like,then the 2nd piccy is with what i cut out,the 3rd is a test fit & 4th is with the bumper fitted.

I'm still waiting on the hoses at the moment to test it.The hoses will run along & around the subframe,then the carb side will come up by the alternator & the turbo side up over the gearbox.
I'll post a piccy of the finished article & the size of the hoses/pipes/intercooler.

& now with the painted up bumper & bonnet

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