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Compression testing - head gasket
« on: 23:06, Tue 24 May 2016 »
Recently purchased my first Renault 5! Fun little car to drive
It's a campus but has been tweaked a bit..

So I noticed that the water level seems to be slowly dropping. I check the usual, looking for white on the oil cap etc....checking for bubbles in the water tank but nothing pointed to a head gasket.

I did a compression test and the results weren't too great

It has a 1.4 block with a 1.1 cylinder head

Facing the block cylinders left 1 to right 4

1 - 65 Psi
2 - 50 Psi
3 - 55 Psi
4 - 35 Psi

When purchased I was told the head had been skimmed, I noticed signs of old rad water suggesting that it has overheated in the past, since then I have had the vehicle up and noticed more signs under the car on the floor..

So do my results show a gasket fail?
Is it worth skimming the head again or just getting a replacement?
Could the block be warped?
If anyone has experienced this, is it something  that will slowly get worse and worse or could it go suddenly?

Many thanks!