Author Topic: Hi need some help please :)  (Read 2796 times)


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Hi need some help please :)
« on: 23:39, Tue 23 February 2016 »
Hi I am looking for some information regarding a little project i started on monday (21/2/2016)

I removed a C1J 1.4 turbo from a phase 1 11 turbo..

I refitted it with a F4R 2.0 16v engine from a doner ph1 172.. i have all the parts needed.. my question for everyone looking in is anybody no james on this thread? says not active since december 2015..

as can see all the guide is there but im after some pics as this is my first job wiring in, hammers and spanners im fine with but this im not to happy with and need more information, i understand its only a few wires but still..

i have a decoded ecu on the way and a emulator..

or if anyone else has the information please get in touch as i want to get it back on road asap!!

i can be found here