Author Topic: Hi, we need some mods!  (Read 1972 times)


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Hi, we need some mods!
« on: 02:35, Fri 13 November 2015 »
Hi, My name is Rodrigo and im from México, I have a little project and it's a Renault 8, Im going to prepare it for track day's and that's mean a new mechanic for the car,( five speed gearbox, Mcpherson full adjustable suspension, More powerfull Brakes, Etc) But i want to use for start the same engine, the Cxe engine,(Im going to use a 2.0 clio sport engine more later, but i want This engine for another projects too) I know This Block can be stroked to 1.4 and if you like the xtreme things, to 1550cc, I know it's a strong engine, and.that's Why i want Lear about all the differences between the 5 Gt turbo engine and the V85 (What it's the engine from a dinalpin who made a engine swap for a modded 2.0 Renault 18 engine), what mods are avaliables, and What work for you People! What i want it's A EFI system (i work with the megasquirt in other works and it's very effective), i have a old mitsubishi turbo from a old dodge Spirit R/T, A few intercoolers from the spirit, and i can made all the intake and exhaust system, I.hope you are interested on This project! Thank you!