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Anti perc fan questions
« on: 01:26, Fri 06 November 2015 »
Hi guys. New to the forum. I've got a couple of 5s (a 1st gen TS and a ph2 GTT). I've had the GTT for 14 months now. Where I live (Athens, GR) the anti perc fan is well needed (plus a manual switch to the ventilator, since there are cases of 35degree summer days down here.
I have had the anti perc fan working fine since day one. However, I couldn't help but notice the fan instantaneously "cutting off" a few times the past couple of weeks. Two days ago, a few minutes after I switched the engine off, the anti perc started working (as usual), but this time the sound was more bass/deep/loud. I've read quite a few comments on how the anti perc has caused fires to 5s. My question is HOW were those fires caused? Was it because the fan stopped working (i read somewhere that this was also caused by the collection of debris from unfiltered air - could this be the reason i heard this rather weird sound coming from the anti perc?). I avoided to switch the engine on everytime the antiperc was working because i was under the impression that this could cause a fire*.  Any feedback is much appreciated.

*I guess this is also a question I wanted to ask: did these fires start when the anti perc was running while the engine was off OR when the anti perc was running while the engine had just been switched on? (I guess there's no way the anti perc will start working unless the engine is switched off, right?)
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