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R5GT Turbo project
« on: 18:34, Thu 06 August 2015 »

I've picked up a Renault 5 gt turbo unfinished project. The car was running fine and was then stripped for body work and a respray. As far as I know she's stock with coilovers on the front and the aerial hole and door locks were filled in. I haven't rebuilt a car before so hopefully this thread will keep me on the right track.  ;D

Some body work had been done on the car by Ronnie the painter/restorer before I took over the project so I left the shell with him so he can finish the job.  ;D

The shell is currently at Ronnie's cave getting cleaned up and resprayed Laguna Seca blue.

The rest of the car... engine, interior etc is in my shed... currently going through it to see what can be cleaned up/replaced for going back in the shell when it's ready. Hoping to do some engine work but I need to do more research first and make a plan for that.

Here are some pictures of the progress on the shell, so far it's up to it's first coat of primer.
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